ANNOTATION EXPLANATION (for all three texts)

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Annotate (verb) - to supply a text with critical or explanatory notes.

Purpose: Annotating is a fundamental and crucial skill for our course. It demonstrates the active reading and critical thinking of the reader.

Directions: For all the readings, you are expected to "annotate" the text. That means you highlight and mark key events, characters, themes, symbols, and things you find interesting or have questions. Your annotating may include:
  • Highlighting key words, phrases, sentences
  • Names of people and places
  • Interesting, thoughtful statements made by writer
  • Writing questions or comments in the margin
  • Bracketing important ideas
  • Circling unfamiliar words (and then looking them up)

Make notes and comments in the margin. All of the annotating means you are "actively" reading the text and making meaning. This is fundamental to our course.

Examples of annotated text: