Summer 2017 Reading
AP Language and Composition

Teacher: Ms. Marshall

Assignments: You will be reading two books. Choose one book from Part A to read and complete assignment; and choose one book from Part B to read, annotate and complete assignment. All books are nonfiction.

Due Date- ALL assignments are due the FIRST day of English class. You will need to bring the books.

Part A:
You will select ONE of the following books to read and create a Soundtrack, a Scrapbook or PowerPoint to go with the book.

  • Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America by Firoozeh Dumas
  • Ghosts of War: The True Story of a 19-year-old GI by Ryan Smithson
  • Fierce Heart: The Story of Makaha and the Soul of Hawaiian Surfing by Stuart Holmes Coleman
(Assignment Options for Part A are the soundtrack, Scrapbook and PowerPoint.)

Soundtrack Assignment (Option #1)

Music- Soundtrack- 8 selections
  1. Create a music soundtrack for the book. If this book were made into a movie, what key scenes need to be there and what songs could I use for those scenes?
  2. Make a list of songs, include lyrics, and write a detailed explanation of how the songs fit. (½ page or 3/4, single-spaced explanation.) A detailed explanation means a good 7-10 sentence paragraph using examples from the book and lyrics to explain your point.
  3. Lyrics must be included and be appropriate. (To save paper, you can minimize lyrics to size 8 font)
  4. For extra credit: attach a song file in an email to me (Note: there aren’t many extra opportunities in this class.)
  5. To earn the A, you need 8 well-done entries.

Character Scrapbook Assignment (Option #2)

  1. Create a visual “book” of memories for the main character. Entries need to cover entire book.
  2. Scrapbook must have at least 10 entries for an A.
  3. Each page will have a visual to go with it. Visuals can be computer-generated, cut from a magazine, drawn, or an actual object. The visual represents an important event that the character wants to remember.
  4. Each page needs a good paragraph of writing to explain its importance and the visual. By a good paragraph, I mean 7-10 sentences of explanations.
  5. You will need to create a timeline of significant events and people. This timeline will count as two entries.
  6. One entry needs to be a list of 5 websites that the character would visit followed by an explanation for the appropriateness of each website.
  7. Correct grammar and spelling is expected.
  8. You will be graded on thoughtfulness, coverage of the novel, grammar and spelling, neatness and use of color.
  9. You can create a digital scrapbook if that works for you.

PowerPoint Presentation (Option #3)

  1. Create a 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation that best represents the entire book in regards to character, plot, setting, and theme.
  2. Each slide needs a picture and text.
  3. Since PP slides are not designed with lengthy written explanations in mind, you will need to enter your notes on the Notes Page for PowerPoint, or turn in word doc with the script.
  4. Correct grammar and spelling is expected.
  5. You will be graded on thoughtfulness, coverage the novel, neatness and use of color as well as grammar and spelling. Font, layout and design count.
  6. Email me the PowerPoint or send a link to Google Slides so I can view the presentation.

The grading criteria for Music/Scrapbook/PowerPoint Assignment

A=Exemplary; Insightful
The student shows an excellent understanding of the book and pivotal scenes; explanations of how the book relates
to the songs are detailed; lyrics are appropriate; explanation is thorough; mechanics and grammar are done well on the written explanation.

B= Good, exceeds expectations
Student shows a good understanding of the book and pivotal scenes; explanation of how the book relates to the songs is pretty good, but ideas could be expanded; lyrics are appropriate; may be a few errors in mechanics and grammar.

C= Satisfactory; meets minimal expectations
Project is complete; could lack understanding of the book; did not cover enough of the book; grammar and mechanics
need improvement and the errors interfere with understanding.

D= Minimal effort; approaches expectations
Student has made an attempt to accomplish the project but lacks development of ideas.

Part B Malcolm Gladwell Book:
1. Select one of Malcolm Gladwell’s books to read.
  • Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell
  • Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell
  • The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell
  • Other Gladwell book

2. Summary/Reflection.

  • For ALL chapters, summarizethe argument that Gladwell presents in the chapter and the examples that he uses to support his argument. I’m checking to see that you accurately pick up on the main points that Gladwell makes in the chapters.

  • For ½ of the chapters, you will also write a reflective response to the ideas presented in the chapter. You choose which chapters to include a reflection. (If there are 11 chapters, then 5 of those chapters need a reflection.)

  • For the reflections- What do you think about Gladwell’s point for that chapter? What connections were you able to make? What are the implications of the ideas presented?

  • The summary and reflection should be about ½ page each, single-spaced.

Tip: Plan backwards. If assignments are due on August 1, back track in your planning. How long does it take for you to do a project assignment? How long does it take for you to read a book, keeping in mind that you will annotate? Where are you ordering your books or buying and how long does that take? In short, get the books now.


If you have questions or are not sure of an explanation, please email me with them. I would be happy to help. Don’t wait until the last minute for the assignments; space them out so you can enjoy your summer. Keep in mind that what you are doing is preparing for the rigor of our course and establishing some of the basic tasks that will be done. We use the summer reading assignments to begin our discussions for AP Language. One more thing, it does not matter to me what edition you choose or where you select your books. E-books are fine. They can be annotated, too. Reminder: Your reading completion and assignments will be the first impression I will have of you as a student. Make a good first impression and start the year with success!

Ms. Marshall

For your annotations, here are some tips. Yes, the eBooks can be highlighted and can create comments. You are required to annotate one book; you can do both for extra credit.

Highlighting tips:
  • Important passages
  • Names of people
  • Unfamiliar vocabulary
  • Quotable lines
  • Key research, statistics & facts
  • Themes & main ideas
Annotation shorthand:
? = question or unsure of meaning
* = important
[ ] = quotable
# = info, statistic or research
___= new vocabulary
Making notes in the margin:
  • Write definitions
  • Ask questions
  • Translate ideas into your own words
  • Make connections…other books, classes, life experiences
  • Capture emotional reactions
  • Summarize
  • Comment on ideas
  • Predict what will happen

11th Grade AP Summer Reading Assignment 2017